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ATLAS Partnership is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, formed in Richmond, Virginia, in 2023 by Emily Cole-Jones, Bruce Miller and Phil Whiteway. 

ATLAS stands for:

Allied Theatre Legacy Artists and Supporters. 

ATLAS is new in name only.  The partnership was built over decades of mutual respect and trust.  “Partnership” doesn’t mean two or three people.  It is a large, strong alliance of actors, artists, community leaders, donors, patrons, volunteers, and arts advocates, including YOU.

Our Mission

The mission of ATLAS Partnership is to recognize and respect, honor and protect the legacy assets of professional theatre in Central Virginia.

Our Vision

Our vision is that future generations of community leaders, artists and audiences will enjoy, learn about, and benefit from the important legacy of Central Virginia's theatre history, projects, programs, ideas, and physical assets for decades to come. 

Image by Paolo Chiabrando
Image by Rebecca Orlov | Epic Playdate

Our Origins

Our region is saturated in a rich theatre history and tradition of which many of us are unaware, and/or take for granted. As exciting new approaches, ideas, and visions take shape, we feel a simultaneous sense of urgency to steward the work, stories, and contributions of those who have gone before, on whose shoulders we all stand as we all reach toward new innovations. In short, we seek to raise a sheltering sky to protect the precious and irreplaceable legacy of theatre in our region, because the past informs the present and shapes the future.

Get to know us.

Before we founded ATLAS Partnership, we were colleagues and friends who shared a belief that theatre has the power to change lives far beyond the stage.  What led us here?  Our shared passion for the performing arts and the incomparable cross-sector impact that theatre can have on our community, our region, and our world.

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