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ATLAS Partnership is a formidable alliance committed to safeguarding the rich legacy assets of professional theatre in Central Virginia.  How do we do this?  By connecting with our community and nurturing relationships years in the making.


Serving as a Resource

ATLAS Partnership is proud to protect and steward the tangible and intangible artifacts of Central Virginia theatres and artists.


In addition to preserving the collective personal stories of many key icons in RVA's theatre history, we have personally accumulated dozens of scripts, scores, books, playbills, posters, photos, and other memorabilia over the years.


We are happy to share these intellectual and physical resources with the community, and are also happy to refer curious minds to official archival collections held at various locations, including the following:


Barksdale Theatre collection at the Library of Virginia 

Richmond Triangle Players collection at Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Museum Theatre collection at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum Theatre collection at Virginia Tech

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